We want to provide the best, most innovative and accurate threat intelligence in Abusix Mail Intelligence as possible.

We believe strongly in the "Release Early, Release Often" methodology and to allow our customers "early access" to what we are working on, so that if they chose, they can also test and provide us feedback on that work.

To that end, we provide access to "beta" lists, delivered as separate DNS zones which as also available to customers who have rsync access in the "beta-lists" module (this needs to be enabled in getabusix.conf).

Important Note

Beta lists are sometimes incomplete, inaccurate, poorly tested and could be removed at any time.  

Please don't use these beta lists in production or to reject mail, they should only be used for reporting or for weak scoring.

We also ask that if you do test any of these lists, you check back on this page frequently to keep an eye out on any changes, so that you don't get caught out if we remove a list from service or have some other issue with it.

We would also love any feedback that you can provide on these lists, please contact us via the Intercom chat, or by sending us an email to [email protected]

Current Beta Lists

nod  -  Newly Observed Domains (this will be going into production soon!)
noip  -  Newly Observed IPs
btc-wallets  -  BitCoin Wallet addresses in SHA-1 format
forged  -  IPs that we have seen forging our domains or others where SPF=Fail
pbl-test  -  This is a test zone for the Policy list, please don't use it!

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