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If you have received a "bounce message" stating that your message has been rejected by Abusix Mail Intelligence, then this will usually include a clickable link e.g. https://www.abusix.ai/search?q=x.x.x.x - so click this link which will then show you which lists you are listed on.

I'm listed on the Policy Blacklist

The policy blacklist is a pre-emptive blacklist to combat botnet spam which can appear suddenly on any IP address, so the Policy blacklist lists ranges of IP address based on their rDNS that would not normally send email directly to MX but instead should use their ISP provided mail relay to send mail.

It's a generally accepted practice that hosts that send email should have a non-generic reverse DNS that ideally matches the A record of the returned name (FCrDNS) and that should also reflect the hostname of the email server and your domain name (rather than the ISP/hosters domain name).   Doing this will ensure better deliverability than not doing so and is required for certain forms of whitelisting based on hostname.  
Having said all that - this is a relatively common misconfiguration for small businesses or for admins that are not email savvy and it is not our intention to cause you issues or to force you to change your rDNS (although for the reasons above, you really should!), so you can request an immediate delist and we will make a permanent exception in the Policy blacklist for your IP address and you can start sending email again within a few minutes.

I'm listed on the Spam Blacklist

You can only be listed on the Spam Blacklist if you have sent email to our spam traps.
This can be caused by compromised accounts, compromised hosts or if you sent a mailing that contained trap addresses.

Please try and ascertain which of these caused the listing and fix any issues before you request a delist, otherwise you'll emit spam and be immediately relisted.

I'm listed on the Exploit Blacklist

You can only be listed on the Exploit Blacklist if we have seen traffic that would indicate that the IP address is infected or compromised or is a NAT address and one of the hosts behind the NAT is either infected or compromised.

If the IP address is a genuine email server, then check for firewall misconfigurations e.g. the IP address being used as part of a NAT pool (email servers should NEVER share addresses with other hosts).

If the IP address is part of a NAT pool make sure that port 25 is firewalled and that outbound port 25/tcp is blocked by default, then look at the firewall logs to determine the internal IP address(es) that are trying to connect outbound on 25/tcp and you'll find your compromised/infected hosts.

If the IP address is a router or IoT device, then it is likely compromised in some way.
Check with the manufacturer of the device and reflash it with the latest firmware and bootloader.

Please don't request a delist until you've identified and fixed the issue first, otherwise you're going to emit spam in large volumes and get immediately relisted.

I'm listed on the Domain Blacklist

You can only be listed on the domain blacklist if we have seen messages to traps containing links your domain name.

You can request a delist, but please reach out via the chat and provide us with the bounce message and your domain name and we will investigate further.

How to request a delist

Click Sign-up to create an account (this is completely free) and verify your email address, once you've done this and logged in, you'll be able to see the the yellow Delist link available for you to request delisting whenever you look-up a blacklisted address on our website, simply click on the link, complete the reCAPTCHA and submit the delist and you're done!   How long does it take to be delisted?

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