Configuring Sendmail with Abusix Mail Intelligence is simple!


Sendmail is configured by editing and compiling the configuration file and then restarting the sendmail daemon.


Sendmail is an SMTP server that only supports IP blacklists and does not support IP whitelists or domain lists.

The way that Sendmail will be configured for Abusix Mail Intelligence is like any other blacklist you would configure for the system.

Use the Abusix Mail Intelligence "combined" Zone.


To add or configure Abusix Mail Intelligence.

Edit your file as follows, replacing <APIKEY> with your key retrieved from The Abusix Intelligence Dashboard.

FEATURE(`dnsbl',`',`"554 Rejected " $&{client_addr} " is listed by Abusix Mail Intelligence see"$&{client_addr}')dnl

Compile by running “make” in the same directory.

Once your new configuration is compiled, restart the sendmail daemon for the changes to take effect.

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