IMPORTANT: All queries must use your API KEY. This can be retrieved from your Abusix Intelligence Dashboard

Query Basics

When querying for an IPv4 address, it must in reverse order. e.g. to check if IP address is present on a DNS list, the octets must be reversed and you would query for<list>.

For IPv6 addresses, these must be queried in reverse nibble format. e.g. to check if IPv6 address 2001:db8::1 is present on a DNS list, you would query for<list>.

For domains, these are simply appended to the query e.g. to check if domain is present, you would query for<list>.

If a lookup returns an address in the, then the entry is present on that list, if nothing is returned (NXDOMAIN), then it is not on the list.


To send a test query to the test point, run one of the following commands:

# UNIX systems

$ dig +short

# or

$ host -t A has address

# Windows

> nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

If you do not receive "", then something is wrong. Check that you entered your API key correctly (it should be exactly 32 characters). 

Contact Abusix Intelligence Support if you need further help.

You can replace "combined" with any of the other zones

Here is an example using the domain test point:

$ dig +short

$ dig +short
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