Abusix Mail Intelligence

Technical Documentation V1.9
January 2019

Abusix’s Intelligence™ was created to facilitate the real-time lookup of IP, Domain and other threat intelligence types with many best of breed reputation services.

The Opportunity

Today there are dozens of threat intelligence and data-feeds available to developers each varying in quality and quantity. With all this diversity, there is bound to be and is confusion. Thus the problem is our customers, partners, and the market in general; have ended up with the complex problem of how to join multiple valuable data sets into a single robust solution.

Our Conversation

Knowing our expertise, our customers and partners both, asked us, "can Abusix help us and build a single solution that would reduce the complexity and high cost, of accessing and using, best of breed threat intelligence."

We heard, again and again,

  • there is an abundance of diverse data types.
  • mail and web applications need different access methods.
  • there are different responses from sources.
  • the sources all have different scoring values.
  • there are data overlaps between IP, domain and URL data.
  • there is an absence of normalized metadata.
  • there is no availability of DNS by REST APIs.
  • customers also told us that they had to acquire and manage each of the feeds no matter if the feeds were free or had a query level paywall.

What we did

Listening to our friends, we built Abusix Intelligence on modern state of the art architecture, with a single access point and multiple DNS and REST methods for querying the most robust set of real-time threat intelligence in the market today.

You may use Abusix Intelligence within either traditional DNS list-based services or contemporary web or network architecture.

We enable fast and easy integration of Threat Intelligence into virtually any application or service.

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